What is CTS University?

CTS University is the bridge between our customers and the IT Team.

  • Have your team's most common help desk ticket resolved within minutes with our on-demand courses.

  • Admins can receive course results for educational tracking or mandatory reporting.

  • Employees will develop technical independence by becoming certified users of our new technical services.


Sherri Arthur

Marketing Director

Hey! I'm Sherri, the Marketing Director for Team CTS. I'm the bridge between you and our IT team! These courses are designed to help you resolve tech problems without feeling the need to reach out to our Help Desk team. I'll do my best to break down tech terms and walk you through our tutorials in entertaining way. Let's get started!

Ben Jones

Director of Cyber Security

My father introduced me to my first computer when I was around 11 years old. This ancient XT computer was running an old version of MS-DOS. The very first command I discovered was 'dir'. From there, I read the manual to discover what else I could do with this new device. Over the next thirty years, I dedicated myself to improving my skills with computers, and most recently developed a love of security. I have focused my professional efforts on learning everything about hacking. My passion is teaching others what I've learned so that they can apply that knowledge on their own, even if they aren't 'computer wizards'.

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